Sunday, March 17, 2013


With all of the new social media sites, apps, and whatever else there is, it's been tough to keep up with everything including this blog. However, I do love going through old posts. It's kind of like a journal. Now it's really hard to stay on top of everything. It's like a full time job staring at your computer and producing content for instagram, twitter, facebook, pinterest, blogs, and all of the other outlets. My blog doesn't seem as important at times and get's pushed aside. 

This year has been quite different compared to any other year I've had. I've been up in Whistler for the majority of the season. After an amazing December in Squaw, I hoped on the road and have been on the road ever since. Yes, I'm homesick, but I am also incredibly fortunate to be able to travel the way that I do. 

It's been a slow season, not going to lie. As much as I wish I could say that the past few months being on the road have been incredibly productive, they haven't been. The weather hasn't been shaping up for shooting, the snow just hasn't fallen, or the temps are too warm...who knows. Guess what all of that means? I get to ski. I've put some amazing time in shredding Whistler and it's been super fun. Finally starting to feel like I kind of know this place well enough to show other around. I love discovering new mountains, exploring them, and eventually really getting to know them. 

After a few trips away from Whistler, I am back here again now. We are preparing for a trip that should be really fun. It will be my first winter camping trip. I'll be out there unable to connect and update all the social media stuff. I'll be in the mountains with no distractions. I'll have my fishing pole, some worms, and an auger for the down time when we aren't skiing. I can't wait. It's healthy to get off the grid and into the wild. Good for the soul. So see ya later world! Talk to you soon. :)

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