Sunday, January 16, 2011

Early Ups

For most of December and into January, I had the pleasure of watching the sunrise from the top of Squaw. Somedays I would get off the funitel in complete darkness. Other days, I would sit at the top of high camp in the freezing cold temperatures and fight to keep my hands warm while taking a few photos. The conditions were nearly perfect. The snow was light on top with and under layer of that Tahoe snow that's perfect for stomping. We had some unreal days shredding Granite Chief and Silverado, but the one thing that I always looked forward to was the sunrise.

Another Hat For Danny!

Danny is continuing to make progress every day towards recovery. Last night it seemed like he was registering things that were said to him. We sat there and talked to him for a while, words of encouragement, and tears slowly fell from his eye. He was able to lift his hand up and wipe them off at times. I think he knows. I know he can hear us. Keep checking out for updates. We have created a facebook fan page as well.

I've made another hat too, pictured above. Get it here.

Thank you for the support. It means to world!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hats for Danny

Please note...don't take me seriously in this photo.

I decided to start making hats for Danny. It's something small, but it keeps my hands busy while I sit next to Danny and listen to respirator breath for him. If you haven't already, check out the site to follow his progress, share your thoughts, and donate to his recovery.

Here is a direct link to purchase the hat above: Hats for Danny. 100% of the proceeds go towards his medical costs.

Monday, January 10, 2011

High Fives Promo

High Fives Non Profit Promotional video from HighFivesFoundation on Vimeo.

As I sit here on the 5th level of the Benefis hospital in the waiting room for ICU room number 5109 this video hits home. High Fives is an amazing non-profit. I've volunteered with these guys for a while now, but I hoped to never need their help. It's scary to need their help. When you're in a situation like this it's encouraging to know that High Fives exists. Thank you High Fives!

Keep updated on Danny's condition at I'd also like to encourage you to write in your thoughts, stories, or anything that has touched you with regards to Danny and send them to I know he's going to wake up one day and be so amazed at all of the people that have reached out as a result of what is going on.

You can now purchase these stickers and the proceeds will go to Danny's recovery.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Danny Is The

On the third of January, Danny Toumarkine suffered a traumatic head injury while riding up in Montana on a filming trip. He was life flighted to Benefis hospital in Great Falls, where he had emergency surgery. Since then, he’s had another surgery, a craniotomy. They cut a piece of his skull out and stored it in his abdominal area until the swelling of his brain goes down enough to reattach the piece. Danny is in stable condition.

Danny grew up in North Conway, NH. He currently lives in Tahoe City with the rest of the Shreddy Times crew. They’ve been making edits, I’m sure you’ve seen the Mike Wilson 99 Foot Rope Swing edit…yup, that was them. He rides at Northstar with the occasional day at Squaw if I can convince him to. He’s amazing, talented, funny, energetic, artistic and has the best laugh in the world (yes, it’s true). I’m currently sitting next to him in ICU room number 5109. When I look up at him my mind is flooded with amazing memories with him. I don’t know if you know Danny, but if you would like to keep track of how he’s doing, share some of your memories, or make a donation toward his recovery visit

This is a wild experience for Danny, it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever been a part of, and Danny is an amazing addition to the Lake Tahoe community. I love this kid...he's gonna make it through. Keep the positive energy coming his way!