Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Snow on the Ground

Yesterday morning I woke up to a dusting on my deck. The heat is on at the house and the bears on making their last rounds trying to fatten up for the winter. Three bears tried to fatten up at my house last night, but it was a good thing my roommate greeted them at the door. Winter is coming and I'm excited!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jagermeister on the Fairway

Had a pleasant day on the golf coarse with my brother and dad. We found a half a bottle of Jager on the first fairway. Not saying we drank it. My dad thought someone might have spiked it, typical parent.

I golf a few times a year, but I've never actually kept score. My dad doesn't want me to feel bad about it. Today I shot a 50 and the par was 33.

Watson: 6 Months

My roommates pup, lil Watson, is growing up. He's 6 months to the day today and can fit a bone and a tennis ball in his mouth at the same time.

My Girl Lel on EXPN

Did this interview with Tahoe local Lel Tone on the ISSW. Check it out on EXPN!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Early Season Shred

My roommates rule! Conor's (currently occupying room numero uno in mi casa) been filming a ton lately...here's Shreddy Times early season edit. Look out for more, he's got some quality footage!! Will Porter, lives in room number 2, recorded this track for the edit.


This is our group shot from 10-10-10 and below is a description from John Shaw.

Wielding shovels and wheelbarrows, we gathered at the only farm in Truckee, CA to support high altitude harvests by spreading in raised beds mountains of locally generated compostable waste, which was composted on the farm. About ten tons of compostable waste was gathered this season from local sources and we spread it all in two hours!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today is 10-10-10, the International Day of Climate Action.

350.org was started in 2007 as a campaign to raise awareness of the climate crisis. Today 350.org hosted Global Work Party. To participate in the Global Work Party my mom and I visited the Shaw Family Farm, our local gathering for 10-10-10 and Truckee's only organic farm.

We arrived at ten o'clock and got to work on the pile of compost created from our community. The farm collects coffee grinds, scraps, and other compostable material from local businesses and as there are only four people in the Shaw Family working on the farm, there was a lot of work to be done.

We spread the compost throughout the greenhouse and the outside garden to prep for planting. After that job was finished, we placed wet newspaper throughout the greenhouse, to keep weeds from growing, and covered the paper with hay.

The volunteers were both young and old. It was especially awesome how many kids were out there getting dirty and helping out. I think it's important to teach children about where their food comes from. Some of my favorite memories as a child are eating food fresh from the garden.

After our work was finished we had a potluck lunch complete with pork pate made from Shaw Family Farm pigs! We drank black tea sweetened with honey from the farm and ate amazing tomatoes picked fresh.

When I got home I was excited to feed my worms and soon I'll have my first round of compost that I started last summer.

It was super fun to be a part of the Global Work Party and celebrate 10-10-10 with our community. Big thanks to the Shaw Family Farm for putting on a local event and inviting everyone to the farm.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Refugio Frey

I wrote an article for ESPN about Refugio Frey a while back, but I had more photos I wanted to share. The trip to Frey was all time, it was the reason I extended my ticket to stay longer in South America. Pictured above is the hut, Refugio Frey.

We skied from the backside of Cerro Catedral then skinned up to Frey. For 130 pesos we got dinner, breakfast, and a place to sleep.

We were greeted by the house cat hanging outside.

While the other guests and caretaker were off skiing, we unpacked our sleeping bags to lighten our load and claimed our beds in the bunk-room.

The crew consisted of Pete and Skylar (pictured above), Conway, and myself.

With lighter packs we picked out our line (the obvious chute to the right of the center) and headed our for a skin. I haven't skinned much and realize now that a touring setup would be nice to have. The trekkers held up, but weren't the best on the icy slope.

The view from the top was nothing short of breathtaking. Frey is in the left saddle.

After we had a moment to check out our surroundings we dropped into our line. Here's Skylar stoked at the top of the run! The granite spires surrounding Frey were looking mighty enticing to climb.

In the summer months, Frey becomes a climbing mecca and the lake is encircled with tents. It would be amazing to stay there for the spring, ski and climb everyday, and camp in a snow cave until the seasons change.

The snow on our run wasn't ideal. It was late in the day and parts of our run were solid ice, but the adventure and views were well worth the skin. Tired and hungry, we arrived at the hut and ate this amazing pizza cooked by the caretaker. The caretaker usually stays at the hut for 40 nights on end and then another person will come in and caretake for the next 40 nights. Not a bad gig! Other than keeping Frey in order and cooking for guests you get to ski amazing terrain and meet a ton of people passing through from all over the world.

We stayed one night and left in the morning for Cerro Catedral. I wish we could have been out there for longer, but it was still worth changing my ticket. I can't wait to come back next year and explore the surrounding mountains with better conditions!!!

A Series of Sunsets

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TahoeMade Attire

TAHOEMADE attire PROMO from Brandon Skinner on Vimeo.

A couple of my friends, Morgan and Jordan, started this clothing company when we were in high school. It's been rad to see it grow and watch the community embrace Tahoemade. What started as just a fun project has turned into a small business for them. Their website is launching soon at Tahoemadeattire.com, but I love this promo video!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

SASS Greenhouse

Previously, I wrote about our greenhouse project in Bariloche with SASS. As the winter was coming to an end in South America, we finally got the greenhouse up in place at a local school. About a week before I left, I got to visit the site where the greenhouses would eventually go.

We met with the staff and spoke about the greenhouse project. The meeting lasted a couple of hours and I tried to understand as much as possible, but it was pretty difficult as my Spanish isn't up to speed. Originally, we thought we would be able to donate these greenhouses and that they would be used to grow food, but as time went on and discussions were had it seemed more feasible to use them for a program that was already implemented within the school system, to use to grow tree seedlings to replant a section of the forest near the mountain that burned down several years ago.

It was pretty cool to be welcomed into the school, drink mate with the staff, and figure out the plan for the greenhouse.

I was stoked on these drawings by the students. I wish I could have communicated better. Gave me motivation to come back next year and be able to talk to them and see the progress of the greenhouses.

Ryan Dunfee, the Director of Sustainability at SASS, did a great job organizing this project. It was amazing to be a part of and I was so excited to get these photos from Ryan once the greenhouse was finally put up at the school.

Mark Abma came down for a couple of weeks and worked on the greenhouse from sunrise to sunset. He was a machine! Due to lack of bottles at the time, we couldn't get the project completely finished while he was still around. He also worked super hard on this biodiesel reactor (pictured above).

This is what Dunfee had to say about this project, "We built a biodiesel reactor to process waste vegetable oil into biodiesel that can be used in any diesel vehicle, and we plan to donate this reactor to the local recycling association which a collection of low-income individuals who pore over the city dump looking for recyclables that they can sell to companies to re-use in a variety of products; there is no municipal recycling program in Bariloche. "

Aside from skiing amazing terrain with rad people, it was so cool to see SASS stepping outside the norm and doing something that would last longer than our stay in Bariloche. I was really impressed that these projects were completed and stoked on everyone who helped out! Thanks to Mark Abma, Ryan Dunfee, James Heim, Garrett Russell, Lel Tone, the One Life crew, and everyone else who hammered nails, cut bottles, and created something amazing! The campers that came out and helped were awesome (Adam and Emma and everyone else...you guys rule!).

Missing Photos

As I was looking back through my photos from South America, I found a few that I thought I would share. Makes me miss that place. Can't wait for the snow to start flying in the northern hemisphere!!

At the base of the mountain there was an entire bike course set up. You could rally from the cat track into these mini tranny finders. Mini hits everywhere!!

Jeffrey leading the hike to the top of Staff Party, one of my favorite runs on the hill. For a short hike you got about 3,000 vertical feet of wide open pow fields, unreal tree skiing, and bamboo hacking. A few days after the storm this is where the goods were at.

At the top of The Playground looking ripe!

Heimer ready to get his in the endless, perfectly spaced trees.

Looking back up Palmero trees after a storm. Bariloche is located at the same latitude at Tahoe. With similar snowpack I felt at home, except for the bamboo at the end of the runs.

Scott Kooooochinski and the rest of the snowboarders built this sweet hip with an epic backdrop.

Burns on the hike to the top before stomping doubles. It's pretty impressive when campers start throwing doubles. That happened.

The bus rides home were always entertaining. Burns was stoked on his new Metal Monday mohawk.

One day, a few cows started hanging out at the hotel. I have no idea where they came from, but the dogs weren't into it.

Albertos was the place to go for dinner. Best steak of my life and I actually mean that. Notice the grill in the background.

The man, the myth, the legend, Alberto himself stopped by our table and cooked it up one night. It was as if there was a celebrity, we were all whispering "that's him! Alberto!" I haven't eaten red meat since I got back to the states, it doesn't compare.