Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My housemate William Porter just brought home a new pup. He named him Watson and he's the cutest little thing. He's been here two and a half days now and has only gone pee pee on the carpet twice with one puke. I think he's doing pretty good for an 8 week old pound pup. I hope you guys like puppies, because there might be quite a few pics of Watson coming up.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Great Outdoors

Went on a hike the other day with Tom Day and his dog Tanner (named by his daughter after the one and only Tanner Hall).

We hiked to the top of Poulsen's Peak. Here's the view from the top. Still some skiing to be had in the Sierras.

It's been about 2 years since I went climbing. Ming and I went to Lover's Leap to get me back on it. It was amazing to be back out there again. We saw four rattle snakes that day!

The infamous Lover's Leap.

I've been thoroughly enjoying the summer here. Always something to do and the sun is out for good now. Only have a couple of weeks left before Argentina so I'm trying to make the best of it. So happy that my knee has been keeping up with all the activity! Feels good to finally be able to get outside and get after it!!

3000 Words

Last night High Fives had it's annual 3000 Words event at 50-50 in Truckee. The event was a success and a huge step up from last year.

The photographers Court Leve, Kevin Kline, Mike Thomas, Jason Abraham, Grant Kaye, and Jason Kelly donated absolutely amazing photos for the silent auction. I had been waiting for this event since I didn't get any photos last year. My home now has three new pieces of wall art!

Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday night! The proceeds benefited High Fives, Biking for a Better World, and the Shane McConkey Foundation (3 great local non-profits). I can't wait for next year!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

BBQ Pizzas!

My friend Ruth cooked up some amazing pizza the other night and gave me a little how to lesson on BBQing pizza. Alli and Blair (pictured above) made the pizza dough with almond flour to mix things up. Tasted delicious.

We had three flavors loaded with fresh ingredients.

Some chilies for the Thai pizza.

Thai on the left and my personal favorite on the right (straight from Ruth) pesto and goat cheese.

I highly suggest BBQing pizza!!

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom just celebrated her 60th birthday today and I have to brag because she's still hiking and skiing Squaw! It's June 27th and she is far from over winter. It's awesome to have family that love skiing, but it's even more awesome that my mom is crushing it in June. Love you!!

Aspen Spora

AspenXtreme 2010 "Double edition disc 1" from Aspen Spora on Vimeo.

Aspen Spora ladies and gentlemen.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

iPhone Photos

Summer time photos....lot's of good times!

Went up to Mt. Hood to test skis with K2. Saw this hanging on the wall.

Chubby bunny while sitting around the fire pit. He was going to get 40$ for every marshmellow after 10. He made it to 10, but number 11 was to much.

Beach time at Skylandia, about a mile from my house.

More chubby bunny...made for lot's of smiles.

Went golfing with my dad for Father's Day.

These shoes make me look pro, but really my dad just won them in a raffle.

BBQ pizza is the new rage! Here's the thai flavored one.

Farmer's market every Thursday at Common's Beach is a must. Stocking up for the week!

Going to weddings also makes for lot's of smiles. Last night I was invited to go...didn't know the groom or bride, but weddings rule. We rode on the main road to Squaw Creek for the after party and dinner. It was quite the parade!

3000 Words Tonight!

3000 Words “Three Charities, Three Photos, 3000 words”

Photo Contest/Silent Auction/Raffle/Party

Saturday, June 26, (7pm) Fifty-Fifty Brewing Co. will host 3000 Words, a fundraiser to benefit the Shane McConkey Foundation, High Fives Non-Profit Foundation, and Biking for a Better World. All proceeds from the door, silent auctions, and raffle will be split between the three foundations.

3000 Words, will include a cocktail & passed appetizer hour, silent auction and photo contest showcasing several local photographers. The photographers will be competing for best photo in each of three categories representing the charities; Winter (High Fives), Human Power (BFBW), and Shane McConkey (Make-a-Wish). Following the cocktail hour, there will be a raffle with many great prizes, gear, and vouchers from local businesses.

7-9 pm: Cocktail hour ($10 includes passed appetizers from Fifty Fifty Brewing Co.)

9-11pm: Viewing of silent auction and voting for photo contest ($5/ raffle ticket)

11 pm: Silent auction closes

11:30pm: Winners of silent auction announced/ Winners of Photography contest

9pm-Close: Beats provided by Silver Boombox Thief

3000 Words is poised to be an exemplary evening highlighting the best in photography and philanthropy that the Tahoe Region has to offer. We look forward to sharing this amazing evening with you!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Twitter is over capacity, Facebook is going off, and the USA advances!!!!

Good game Donovan!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sharing is Caring

I just checked out Alpine Initiatives blog this morning and J.P. had posted an article by ecofriend.org about solar panels on ski lifts. Thought it was pretty cool...aside from the rest of their blog with updates on their ongoing project in Kenya.

High Fives has been doing amazing things in the past year. They've grown to be a well known non-profit in the Tahoe area and continue to amaze me in what they have accomplished. This Saturday the 26th they have their annual 3000 words event at 50-50 Brewing Co. in Truckee starting at 7:00 P.M. Be sure to come out for a good time, great photos, and a silent auction. High Fives also just donated a wheelchair to Kyler Smith!

I just went to the 1 Step website and watched their campaign video done by the Rocky Mountain Sherpas. It was pretty rad! Check it out.

And finally, I'd like to introduce SATELite Foundation. One of my good friends founded this non-profit within the last year and has been building one of the most anticipated events in Tahoe for 2010. The SATELite Foundation will host the SATELite Festival in Squaw Valley on September 10th-12th. The choice cause for this years event is the Alaskan Bristol Bay Watershed. Bristol Bay is the worlds largest source for wild salmon and with proposed building of Pebble Mine puts the conservation of Bristol Bay at risk (and with that, the salmon).

Last week I attended one of SATELite's many pre-events at Dragonfly restaurant in Truckee. Author of Red Summer, Bill Carter, spoke about his experience fishing in Bristol Bay and what Bristol Bay means to us. It was an amazing event with incredible food. Check in with SATELite for more events to come in the near future.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lake Taco

I love my roommates! Last night we teamed up restaurant style and made some amazing burritos. Family dinners are good for the soul!!

Homemade chips...yes please.

Conor's guacamole hits the spot every time.

But his pico de gallo is even better!

Dave's burrito pre-fold.

Dave's final product...a perfect roll.

I got excited and put too much in my tortilla...not a perfect roll, but still amazing!

William Porter ladies and gentleman. His burrito might have taken the cake. His was more of a chimichanga.

The employer, Conor Toumarkine with his chin warmer.

And the chicken chef extraordinaire, Dave.

Friday, June 11, 2010


I made a trip to Reno last night to check out the Aces game. We lost, but it was still a good time.

A beautiful night for a baseball game.

One of the nicer fields I've ever been to. You can buy a ticket for $7 and pretty much sit where ever you want with a great view of the field.

"We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher!"

Conor and I got a photo with the cheerleaders.

And I snagged one with these rodeo queens and Archie!

A bit windy.

Archie the mascot...not too sure what he is. We decided he might be a tick...?

The after party venue had cornhole!