Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cerro Catedral Day 2 on Snow: Laguna

Just finished up with day two on snow here in Argentina. With epic weather so far and a ton of snow, this season is shaping up nicely. Above, Skylar and I are looking up at Laguna, one of the many zones we take the campers.

Laguna in the goggles.

This little fellow hung out for a little while.

Behind Laguna there is a ton of terrain to be had!

One of the many breath taking views from Laguna.

Guides Miles Clark and T Bird digging a pit to check out the snow pack so far this season. Stoked to have them down here!


Conor said...

I like the pic of the bird on the poles. How's the snow down there right now?

Mariana F said...

love your posts! seems like you are having an amazing time, i'll be back there in 2 days and hopefully get to see you, keep having fun!