Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Feb. 2nd

On Monday, I drove down to South Lake for an appt. with Dr. Orr. The entire way I was trying not to get my hopes up, but I knew that what I was about to find out would either be the greatest news I could possibly hear or the worst. I was super nervous to say the least. His facial expressions were hard to read, I was preparing myself for bad news.

When he said the words "You can ski," I just about cried right there, tears of joy. I had a perma grin for the rest of the day and just the thought of riding up the chairlift and clicking into my skis made me giggle with excitment.

The date is set, on February 2nd I'll be at Squaw making 4 runs. Getting back onto my skis steps. Afterwords, you can find me eating cookies at Wildflour Baking Co. Hope to see you there. (Photos by Alex O'brien)

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That is so damn awesome. I'm so pumped for you!

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Nice ! Have fun !