Monday, August 24, 2009

Sierra Valley Farm

I had the pleasure in joining some friends for dinner at the Sierra Valley Farm the other night. Located in Beckworth California, about an hour outside of Truckee, the Sierra Valley Farm sits at a 5,000 foot elevation. We sat with a gorgeous view of the valley inside of the barn with the Piece of Shit Band adding to the ambiance (that's what they call themselves).

The view from the barn before dining on a delicious 5 course meal consisting of a polenta dish, fresh tomato salad with pine nuts and parmesan cheese, fresh picked veggies (the beets were my favorite), salmon, beef, and new york steak, and a dessert consisting of corn ice cream and a bread pudding complete with tomatos and berries.

Before dinner we went on a short tour of the farm. Sierra Valley Farm participates in our local farmer's market as well as starting their own in the valley. The farm is organic and grows crops consisting of lot's of different veggies, fruits, and even wasabi.

They allow the deer to graze on the crops which in turn creates natural fertalizer.

These sunflowers made me smile.

The Piece of Shit Band rocked out, but I especially enjoyed the washboard.

Not pictured is the gut bucket behind the door on the left.

The view from the barn after dinner. It was great to visit a farm so close to home that provides local restaurants (Moody's and Burger Me among others) with fresh produce and supports organic farming and slow food.

More Blahging.

Tim Dutton, who spells his name Timmy Dutton (should be Timy Dutton), has been killing it this year. He's currently in South America and has also started a blog. The pic above is probably his 100th B-flip in Las Lenas.

He's competing in the World Heli Challange in New Zealand. I want to wish him luck and provide all of you with some of his radness. So check his blog out!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tea Time

With the fire season picking up in Tahoe the smoke has taken a tole on my throat. I've got a sore throat so I mixed up some tea that has been working miracles...

Star Anise is popular in Chinese cuisine and is also used medicinally in the treatment of rheumatism, colic and bronchitis. It has also been used extensively to ease digestion and control flatulence and nausea. S tar Anise is often chewed after meals to freshen breath.

Osha has been clinically verified to possess anti-viral properties and is very effective for treating cold and flu systems of the upper respiratory tract, and other viral infections of the respiratory system. The plant is also a powerful stimulant if consumed to excess. Osha root is typically chewed, then spit out after the medicinal components have been extracted by the chewing action. Osha root is also used internally in small amounts to treat fever, stomach ache, and heartburn.

And Lastly I added some cinnamon to spice it up a bit!

K2 Charlie!

K2 Charlie and Sean Decker came to town for the day. You may have seen Charlie posted up in front of Porters. Sean is in route to New York with Charlie (the RV) and made a quick pit stop in Tahoe for a nice afternoon on the lake by Kayak. Somehow Sean agreed to drive this Charlie, who cost a cheap 700$, all the way across the country. We are currently making bets as to when Charlie is going to break down. With no AC and a hole in the back, I'm thinking Nebraska is going to be a tough one with the long hot straight roads. Good luck Sean!!! You can follow K2 Charlie's adventure with Sean at the K2 news section!

Summer lovin'

I love the summer time, but I often forget that while I'm swept up in the endless winter. Being injured reminds me to appreciate the different seasons. This view of Tahoe from a friends house is one of the reasons I love the lake.

And the flowers in the summer time.

Especially the flowers that look like a neat arrangement of tissue.

And the bumble bees.

And the colors of these amazingly delicate flowers.

And the various ethnic foods from the farmers market.

Like this cilantro chutney with a dollop of paratha dip on top (I also love the word dollop).

Or the fire roasted eggplant spread...mmm mmm. Delicious.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

San Fran

I went to San Fran the other day to watch a concert. Saw Kapakahi and Katchafire. It was a good time even if I was only in S.F. for less than 12 hours.

I think I could swim from Alcatraz to land as long as I didn't get eaten by a shark or swept away in the current. I wonder how many prisoners made it to shore?

Bay Bridge. Almost there. 4$ and we're stuck in traffic.

Amazing breakfast stop in Davis. I've got to learn how to cook eggs like these, nice and fluffy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Shooting with Shane

I just got the new Powder Shane McConkey (The most influential skier ever) tribute and while checking out the photos I remembered how much fun the K2 photo shoots were when Shane was there. Photo shoots can get old quick, but there was never a dull moment when Shane was present. I thought I would share some photos from these shoots, enjoy.

Miles From Nowhere

I've just out down Miles From Nowhere by Barbara Savage. It has been another amazing book shared by my friend Ingrid. From now on I'll go to her if I ever am in need of a good read. Anyways, I couldn't have read this book at a better time. Since I'll be in Tahoe for the entire summer and into the beginning of the winter months I've been itching to travel. I'm usually here for no more than a couple of weeks, but since I'm injured it's the best thing for me to do. Hence why I took up school. School has made me committed to stay here and focus on healing my injured knee (which is coming along great by the way).

This books pages are packed with adventure. Barbara and Larry Savage biked around the world visiting 25 countries along the way. On top of being greeted with endless hospitality in New Zealand, rock throwing Egyptians, and bicycling fanatics in Paris, the couple battled numerous rainstorms and powerful winds throughout their journey. The book made me want to travel and see the world in slow motion on bike rather than by speeding trains and from a birds eye view on planes. While I would be at the gym doing P.T. I'd read this book and imagine being in all of these extoirdinary places while I was on the stationary bike.

Thanks Ingrid for another great book!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My brother is currently living in Hawaii studying leptospirosis. Wiki Definition of leptospirosis: The infection is commonly transmitted to humans by allowing water that has been contaminated by animal urine to come in contact with unhealed breaks in the skin, eyes or with the mucous membranes. He's a scientist (I'm proud of him). He sent me this pic taken by his G10 (I'm jealous of his camera). And his description below...

Caught this rainbow over hanalei bay, looking southwest, early in the
morning. The bay stays pretty calm in the summer. Some people stay
anchored there for months at a time. It's controversial though because
the anchors damage the reef and many of the boats dump there sewage into
the bay. But actually, most of the homes in the bay are on a septic
system and when they get a lot of rain (which happens all the time) the
septic tanks back up and spill over delivering there share of
"nutrients" into the bay. The added nutrients increase bacterial loads
in the bay, and also increase algal blooms which and can deplete oxygen
levels in the water ultimately damaging the reef and therefore the whole

Some groups argue that the town needs a sewage treatment plant or else
the bay will continue to degrade as a result of aging septic systems.

Others argue that a treatment facility will allow for further
development of the bay and ultimately impact the region even more.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last suppers.

James Reynolds put together this project showing what inmates request as their last suppers on death row.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Moon Groove!!

Shot this a couple of nights ago and am now using it to correspond with the concert happening tonight in Squaw on the Olympic Plaza deck. If you can make it out there, it'll be worth it. 2 awesome bands, food, wine, good times!!! Info below...

MoonGroove 2009 will bring together locals and visitors alike for a musical experience like no other. Featuring the reggae rhythms of San Francisco’s Kapakahi and San Diego’s Mike Pinto, the night will truly not disappoint. Both artists offer a dynamic stage presence and create a positive, dance-infused atmosphere. The music will be complimented by a full bar, local restaurants offering an array of food, and wine tasting during early hours. Other features will include TAHOEMADE ATTIRE's full 2009 summer collection, a rather large raffle, and the blissful presence of TAHOEMADE girls. Oh yeah, the dance floor will be naturally lit by a full moon. Prepare for an evening of rapture.

5:30pm - Doors open
6-7pm - Openers, wine tasting, full bar, food
7:30-8:30pm - Mike Pinto
9-10:30 - Kapakahi
10:30-2am - After party upstairs @ Plaza Bar w/ DJ

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Going the Distance

In about 6 hours a group of athletes, traumatic brain injury survivors, disabled athletes, and others will set out on paddle boards from Camp Richardson in South Lake Tahoe. They will hopefully complete the 22 mile crossing by 11:00 AM before the thunder showers are suppossed to arrive! With forecast of snow above 9,000 feet, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for sunny day. On Friday night there will be a fool moon crossing the width of the lake. This event brings awareness to people effected by TBI, which is the "signature injury" of the Iraq War. Check Going The Distance for more information and a movie trailer about TBI. Such a rad event!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Worlds Religions

For my ice breaker in college courses, I've chose to learn about the world's religions. In the 6 week condensed summer course we've covered 6 of the worlds major religions thus far, with Islam still to come. It's been a great way to take my mind of being outside and riding my bike or climbing. Here's a little bit about what I've learned.

Hinduism was born to the Vedas in 1500-800 B.C.E. They believed in creation, order, destruction, and reincarnation, a repetitive process. The caste system was a part of their religion and if you were born in a certain caste there was no way out of it in you lifetime, once a Shudra (follower, lowest caste, least amount of accomplishment) always a Shudra (at least for this lifetime). Hopefully you get things right and reincarnate into a higher caste.

Then Buddha came along and said that Hindus had it wrong with the caste system. Perhaps because, born Siddhartha (a prince), his theory of enlightenment being attainable by all was accepted. The caste system didn't sit well with Buddha. Buddha was one of the only religious figures that wasn't shunned for his views that went in contrast to previous belief systems.

Confucianism became official policy during the Han Dynasty (200 B.C.E) after Confucius died. Confucius thought he was transmitting information, nothing new.

The master said,
He who by reanimating the Old,
Can gain knowledge of the new,
Is fit to be a teacher.

Taoism uses the yin yang symbol in resemblance of creating, but not possessing. They like to go with the flow, have no expectations, control, or obligations.

Judaism was the first monotheistic religion (they believed in one God and one God only). Yahweh (God) had absolute goodness, ultimate power, and complete loyalty. Abraham (one of the chosen people) gave birth to two sons. The first was carried by Abraham's servant because Sarah, his wife wasn't able to have kids. His first son was named Ishmael and was sent away with his servant mother after Sarah conceived her first child named Isaac. Ishmael started Islam.

Jesus was a Jew. He came at a time when Judaism was dogmatic, similar to Buddha and Hinduism. He performed miracles and was born from a virgin. Jesus was a "God-man" kind of like a super hero. He taught love in the form of compassion, tolerance, acceptance, generosity, forgiveness, and helpfulness.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lake Time

Callie joined us at the lake yesterday. Only 5 months old.

Afternoon showers rolling in. Got some quality sun time mid day. The lake was surprisingly warm too. Feels good on the knee.