Friday, July 31, 2009

Girl Talk Video


A couple of shots from the shows. Lot's of fire dancing and toilet paper.


Weekend of Wanderlust.

Stage on top of the mountain...epic. Even if I didn't know many of the bands playing, the setting was enjoyable and I ended up being pretty stoked on the music too.

Lot's of hula hoopers.

And lot's of confused looking people doing yoga.

One of the three stages.

Just some friends at Trio in Truckee. This place is haunted, but the owner said they are nice ghosts.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Girl Talk

This weekend has been somewhat like a burning man warm up here in Tahoe. Squaw Valley has been a destination for yoga fanatics and music lovers. With the Wanderlust festival taking place, it's been quite the show. Friday night kicked off the music with The Mutaytor's performing under the funitel complete with fire dancers followed by Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. Sharon Jones made me want to sing. She has soul!

Saturday, after visiting my PT, I wandered up to Gold Coast and checked out Jenny Lewis and Common. Michael Franti was supposed to play, but rumors are his appendix burst on Friday. Poor guy. Common took his place. Wasn't too sure how the Michael Franti crowd would adapt to Common's borderline mainstream rap, but I think they enjoyed it nonetheless. That's what you get when you've got a bunch of care free yogurts.

Last night we watched some more fire dancers as the Mutaytor's took stage once again. Then it was Girl Talk who came with leaf blowers, confetti, toilet paper, and giant pillow balloons. I didn't know he used to be an engineer and lived a double life DJing and engineering. His performance started out with a mandatory crowd chant of "GIRL TALK, GIRL TALK" then he came out in his sweatsuit with the right pocket of his little kid sweats hanging out. He was full of energy and people went crazy when he mixed the Jackson Five tracks in his set. I kept it mellow with my crutch in the back, but enjoyed the show and people watching.

The world's biggest game of twister was happening after Girl Talk in the village. I opted out of the game. Don't want to play twister with people who haven't showered in a while. I'm off to Gold Coast again for some more music action...I'll post pics and videos soon with a better update. Peas!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moon Groove 2009

MoonGroove 2009 will bring together locals and visitors alike for a musical experience like no other. Featuring the reggae rhythms of San Francisco’s Kapakahi and San Diego’s Mike Pinto, the night will truly not disappoint. Both artists offer a dynamic stage presence and create a positive, dance-infused atmosphere. The music will be complimented by a full bar, local restaurants offering an array of food, and wine tasting during early hours. Other features will include TAHOEMADE ATTIRE's full 2009 summer collection, a rather large raffle, and the blissful presence of TAHOEMADE girls. Oh yeah, the dance floor will be naturally lit by a full moon. Prepare for an evening of rapture.

5:30pm - Doors open
6-7pm - Openers, wine tasting, full bar, food
7:30-8:30pm - Mike Pinto
9-10:30 - Kapakahi
10:30-2am - After party upstairs @ Plaza Bar w/ DJ

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good Ol Days!

Here's some shots from a couple of years ago. Makes me want to ski!!!!

Courtesy of

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mr. O'brien

My friend, Alex O'brien, rules super hard. He sent me some movies the other day. Along with the movie Heavy Metal Parking Lot came this Heavy Metal Band Names flow chart. It made my day. Thanks to him, I'm going to settle down, with my C.P.M. working on my knee, and watch Eastbound and Down. Aside from being my go to advice guy, Alex is also one of my favorite people to travel with. He's honest and that's one of my favorite characteristics, hence why he's my go to advice guy. So anyways, he rules super hard.

Dirty Car

Scott Wade's Dirty Art Gallery made me smile.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I found this on the Porters blog. JT posted it, but I don't know where credit is due. It made me laugh.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

How's that baby doin'?

It's about a week away until this little guy will be born. Wishing the best of luck to Mike and his wife. From the looks of the ultrasound the baby's got a curious case of facial hair and a grill.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alpine Initiatives

The new Alpine Initiatives site is up and running! Now you can follow them on their journey to Kenya as they have already arrived and check out the progress on the Amani Community Home. It's come a long way since they left last summer. The community has done a great job in working on the home itself and the organic garden which is producing food! They've also done clinics on bee keeping which will add to the versatility of the community.

It's been amazing to see this non profit start and to watch it grow into what it has now become. I was about to post some before and after photos from A.I.'s blog, but I didn't want to spoil go check it out!!

Instead of going out to lunch, getting coffee, or spending money at the bar you can donate that towards Alpine Initiatives and help the community home project meet completion in time for the school year. Every little bit helps and you won't even notice that money is gone. Spread the word!

Nice one!

Here's another one from Awkward Family Photos dot com.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


As of yesterday, I am officially a college student. With all of the free time I've got on my hands, as a result of this injury, I figured I should put it to good use. The whole college thing was intimidating after taking a 5 plus year break, but I'm excited about it.

World Religions is my first course. Religion, being so pervasive throughout cultures all over the world, is an interesting subject to me. Personally, I had no formal introduction to any religion in my life and am not a religious person, but I am super curious, perhaps for this reason.

The first religion that we're looking into is Hinduism. I'm going to start my reading now...

Monday, July 6, 2009


Last Thursday I went in for my second surgery on my knee. As I've written before about my first procedure (medial pattelofemoral, meniscus, and micro fracture), you may have read that the two surgeries require different healing methods. For the ACL you can be bending it and working on range of motion basically right out of surgery, but with the other stuff that I had fixed I was on crutches for 10 weeks and was only allowed to bend my knee 30 more degrees every 2 weeks.

My first surgery lasted 5 hours and I ended up staying the night in the hospital since I woke up around 1 AM. The following 10 weeks were difficult. I couldn't drive and was uncomfortable most of the time. I endured a lot of painful P.T. visits and all in preparation for my second surgery. It's strange to have surgery and rehabbing just to have the second. I would visit my P.T. three times a week and work out in the pool or at the gym every day.

Right around the time when I started to walk normal and feel normal was when I was going in to get a new ACL. On Thursday morning I was booked for a 7:30 AM surgery. Apparently, when I woke up I convinced the Dr.s that it would be better for me to stay the night rather than drive the hour and 15 minute road home and then back again on the 3rd of July. It was a good move.

This is the hardware that came out of my knee. It's from my ACL surgery from 2 years ago. I'd like to know how that holds my knee together. The Doc informed me that I have 2 screws in this time.

I was far from hungry on Friday, but I had to eat something so that they could give me pain pills rather than using the I.V. drip. I should have eaten more. I felt super nauseous and had to drive home from South Lake to Squaw, which gets me car sick even if I'm not on narcotics. Luckily I was able to hold everything down until I was home and in bed. I puked a total of 8 or 9 times. They were violent throw ups too. I felt like I had a migraine and that my head was going to explode. Thankfully that only lasted until the night and since then I've been sleeping really well and I haven't actually needed to take pain pills. ACL surgery seems really mellow now compared to my first one. If you get a nerve block you don't feel a thing and if not, the pain only lasts a few days and then you feel so much better every single day.

Standard I.V.

This is the drain that they removed from my knee on Friday morning. I didn't really feel much when they pulled it out. I had a nerve block, so I wasn't in too much pain.

I'm stoked in this picture because I feel like I am now on the road to recovery even after the 3 months of rehab just to make it to this point.