Sunday, March 15, 2009


Just finishing up my trip here in Retallack. It's been a great trip. My first time filming here with the sun out. TJ and JP killed it, it was great to see Phil out of his normal environment and skiing powder, but most of all it was great to be skiing with the Orage team again.

TJ X Games Schiller.

Sun's coming out.

To the right of this photo is where the big mountain portion of the Redbull Coldrush will be held.

Phil Casabon.

J.P. Auclair...perfect tranny.

All tuckered out from the big day.


Henrik said...

wooo hoo!

Anonymous said...

wow, some people just do not blog that often. pitty

- g baby

grete said...

can't wait to see you! maybe

Dave said...

Awesome blog man. Great pictures from a great trip, I'm sure.

Check out my new ski instruction blog at Hope to see you there.


PSIA Ski Instructor