Saturday, March 28, 2009

Knee update.

On Thursday I went in for my first of 2 surgeries on my knee. I was at the hospital at 3 and didn't get into surgery until around 8. It was a long day, but my dad was there to entertain me, thanks dad. This time around I was a lot smarter about things. Taking all the problems that I had with my first knee surgery and applying them to this one helped out a lot.

For example, this time I knew that I get really nauseous so the anesthesiologist gave me some preventative drugs to calm that down. Also, the first 24 hours of my first surgery were incredibly painful. Partly because I couldn't take the pain pills being that I was too nauseous. So this time they gave me a nerve block. It was the strangest sensation. The nerve that they blocked off is up by my hip. Basically they poke you with a needle on the nerve and when your leg starts to twitch just how they want it then they inject something to make it blocked. The nerve block lasts up to 24 hours and takes away a lot of the immediate pain.

While they were checking out my knee's insides they found a lot of cartilage floating around...not good. So they performed a micro fracture, where they chip and drill into your femur bone to promote the growth of cartilage. In 8 weeks when I got back in for my next surgery they will be able to use what cartilage they have grown to put back in my knee. All in all they fixed the medial and lateral meniscus, the medial femoral ligament, cleaned it out, and performed the micro fracture.

So there's a little update...still reading like a maniac and always looking for new books if you've got suggestions.

Make some turns out there for me!!!

4 comments: said...

Heal up Michelle! You're the shit!

Henrik said...


i've been away from the WEB for a while and so out of the loop.

sorry to hear about this injury, but I'm sure you're in positive spirits and looking ahead to better days.

go buffs!

shelmatic said...

yes! nerve blocks are the way to go! stay strong sweet pea. i know being laid down from surgery can be frustrating. much love.

Jess said...

I was just doing some research on my own knee surgeries and came across your blog! Just wanted to wish you a quick recovery! Good luck in physical therapy!