Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pretty Good.

Finally, the finals of the women's and men's slopestyle happened today. With the weather holding out until literally just the end (when it decided to make it rain), the wind howling up top, and the light getting flatter by the second, it all went down.

Feels pretty good to win the first comp since about a year and a half without competing . I was looking forward to getting a chance to compete on the X Games course and putting a run together.

Luke did an incredible job on the mic, Shay a stupendous job with the photos, and Molly an impecible job with the cooking. I'd also like to say that I fulfilled the 10% rule with my first stop apre ski to supply the house with plenty of party time. Since I'm pretty much over bars after Vegas, a nice dinner at the house with some friends is suiting.

10% to all of my amazing friends. I love my friends.

Henrik is pretty tall with these quad tees layered out to the knees.

Luke had to give me a little bump up onto the podium.

Phil Casabon layed one down today...I thought, was without a doubt in the finals.

This is how I feel right now. Pretty happy.


tahoelife said...

Hell yea Parker!!! Congrats! said...

Ain't nobody that good.