Wednesday, February 25, 2009

North Cascade Heli Time!

Still here at North Cascade Heli with team Dakine. The trip has been yet another heli expectations is the name of the game. The sun hasn't been cooperating much, but we've got a few still shots and some fun powder turns. Pollard and Benchetler have been big on the snowball fights and unexpected squirt gun bombardments. This morning my longunderwear's were soaked due to Benchets pooring a bottle of water all over me and then claiming that I did it myself. So in turn, I am wearing one of his clean pair of longunderwear and it feels damn good. He's not the kind of guy that would like this, but he deserves to learn a lesson. I've been sneezing on them even. Don't tell him that.

I packed in a hurry and left my camera cord. So these photos are courtesy of Randy Torcom.

Pilot Seamus doing his thing. (Note: his name is actually prounounced Shay-mus. Weird, I know)

Just waiting for my turn to drop in. Stay tuned for more epic pics and I'm sure stories coming out of this trip. As soon as I get home I'll have some original photos to share.

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