Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dew Tour

Just finished up with the last stop at the Dew Tour in sunny California...Northstar. It was an eventful week for me working with the powder in Squaw and then straight to training in Northstar.

The course was pretty small, but it was a good time. Wish the jumps were bigger with more pop, but we made the best of it. I think it was a great showing for the women in skiing. Here's the word...

Kaya won. She dislocated her shoulder in practice, but stuck it out for finals skiing without poles and pulling off a sick run. Switch up to switch out of the down box - switch 270 on 270 off the flat box - 3 off the first jump - gap dfd box - 5 - switch 7.

I got second with down rail - 450 off the flat box - switch 5 - gap dfd box - 7 - 5.

Meg got third with a switch up to switch on the down box - switch on 270 out the flat box - switch 1 one the first jump - gap the dfd box - 3 - 5.

Jill stopped a sick rodeo 7. Claudia through a 9 on the last jump.

It was a good time and I'm stoked the weather held out until last night when it started to rain. It's okay with me...I'm out. At the Reno airport right now heading to North Cascade Heli for a week. Looking forward to getting back into the powder and skiing some lines. Also haven't really ever skied much with Pollard and Benchetler. It'll be good times.

Hope it's snowing where ever you are!!!