Saturday, February 7, 2009

B.A. Points

Today was yet another day of practice for the women competing in slopestyle. We've been sneaking in between the guys heats to get a few more runs under our belts. The course is pretty sweet and is great when there is enough speed (unlike women's slopestyle in X Games).

Today, Keri and I got a little too excited during practice. Keri came up short on the cannon box and bashed her knee to her face and I went to big on the first jump and due to the quickness of the course I didn't have enough time to pull off before I was on the second jump doing a flat spin off the side of the lip to flat. It was awesome.

Molly Olenick was kind enough to supply Keri with some super glue for her chin hole and myself with some iodine for my mouth rinse. It was fun times and we both walked away with some B.A. (BAD ASS) points...all smiles and ready for tomorrow.

Photo Cred: Shay

Photo Cred: Shay again.


tahoelife said...

Yummm how does that tongue taste! Bet your looking forward some powder days after all this park time. Kill it in the comp!

Anonymous said...


Great post! I was not expecting anything so recent!

I am sorry however, that you and Keri hurt yourselves. That sucks..... ouch!

Keep up the great blogging!

Really, amazing post! Has Keri looked into having a blog?