Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Aspen to Keystone

After the competition, we had one last family dinner at the Olenick's. Molly cooked up an amazing pasta dinner with Alfredo and Bolognese sauce, two of my favorite combos to mix together. We had our friend Lil' Sport there (remote control cooler) to supply us with our beverages. Seeing as we were all relatively tired from the big week, we kept it somewhat mellow, however Keri and Luke weren't into the mellow night...they decided to antique everybody in the house who fell asleep. Nice one Keri and Luke...I still have flour in my hair.

Family dinner thanks to Molly and Big A. You guys are great! Thanks for putting up with all of us.

Rub the Budha's belly!! Maybe that's how Molly keeps it together.

Henrik has the same photo on his blog. Packing up to leave Meg's and head to Keystone.



All ready to go!

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Shaywill.com said...

Henrik's smells made that car ride a little worse