Monday, January 12, 2009

Cat Skiing 2009.

Being out in the woods in Canada has it's perks; no phone, slow internet, good friends, hot soup, and lot's of powder. I left Retallack on the 9th. The road trip to Mustang Powder was only supposed to last about 3 hours, but due to a massive avy that they set off from a heli droppin' some bombs...the road was buried under 75 feet of snow. So our 3 hour drive turned into a 10 hour drive. Sean Petitt and I were lucky to have the two graphic designers at K2 so kindly give us a lift. I think we both slept pretty much the whole way.

We arrived at the Esso gas station in Revelstoke and departed with Erfle and Schmies as they had another 15 hours back to Seattle. A guy pulled up in a white pick up truck, we loaded all our gear in the back, and drove about 25 minutes up the snowy drive way to the sleds. Rory Bushfield drove his sled down the half hour long groomed trail to pick us up and we hoped on a few more machines and transfered our gear to sleighs in tow and started our accent to the lodge. With a few hicups along the way, we finally made it to the glimmering Mustang Powder Lodge sitting atop 1,750 meters and my home for the next 10 days along with Sean, Rory, Abma, and the MSP crew.

Our first day of shredding here was amazing. Super light snow and plenty of shots within and easy sled lap of the lodge. I got some fun action of the guys, but can't seem to upload them due to the slow internet, hence the lot of typing. Abma's got a nice new 600 that he's been letting me rip around on and we've gotten into some roaming candle wars while skiing. Fireworks seem to be a plenty in these parts. It's been nothing, but good times. Retallack was epic and the few days that I've spent here have been sweet!

I'll post photos up soon....ish.

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How do you and that giant Alex O'Brien work together? He is gigantic!