Monday, December 22, 2008


In Denver...trying to be sleepy because I should be. It's not working out. Spent the last week or so in Colorado a.k.a. Call a rad dude.

Here are some of the highlights of my trip:
-Skiing Keystone and park (It's been a while)
-Seeing friends and making friends
-Josh Bibby
-Bean bags
-Meg's mom
-Getting a stamp on my hand that said Douchbag and W.W.J.D
-family dinner at Simon's
-Beating Bibby at Mortal Combat and Pep at Catan
-Shay's girl talk time
-Watching Tony stomp
-Spencer winning girls snowboard slope
-Angeli and Meg being totally RAD
-Seeing Virginie

Driving through Colorado with Pep in the lead in his truck, radar detector, radios, and we figured out that I could listen to Pep's iPod music in my car through his Belkin adapter. Sweet.

Monopoly takes forever to finish. It's pretty fun when you lose I decided.

J Bibs and his pirate beard and earring. Quite a few of the boys pierced each other's ears one night, claiming Vernon initiation.

Can't really see it, but it says douchbag on his hand. Genius bar stamp. There was also W.W.J.D.

2 comments: said...

I'm pumped I got a shout out. You're rad Michelle. Merry Christmas.

Per Gunnar said...

what do W.W.J.D stands for? just curious..