Sunday, September 7, 2008

The end.

I'm constantly traveling. Most of my trips are only for a couple of weeks, but Argentina was for a month and a half. I got adjusted to being there really well. It felt like home. I had good friends and good times. When I left, I felt like I was going on another trip instead of going home. Now that I'm home, of course, I'm happy to be here.

Bariloche by night.

This day was really funny. Nat, Denmark, and I went on a hike. We've all done the hike a few times. It's really pretty simple, but Nat got lost. Denmark and I asked all of these kids if they had seen her. They all sprinted off into different directions calling her name. She finally answered back and she was found deep in a forest of thorns. I don't know how she got there, but thankfully our search and rescue team got to her in time before it got dark. Thanks guys!

The pellet gun was entertaining.

Laguna! Pretty fun zone. Often times we would have this whole bowl to ourselves. Just a short hike from the mountain.

One of the many beautiful views.

The snow in Bariloche is constantly changing. We decided to dig a huge pit with the camp and teach them a little something about snow.

Camp guides Skylar and Alex.

Last minute photos session on the train tracks before leaving.

The long 19 hour bus ride from Bariloche to Buenos Aires. Went by surprisingly quick.

When we made it to BA we went to a super touristy part of town to eat lunch before seeing the kids off at the airport. Sweet camel.

Some more of the touristy part of town.

After the kids left. Nat, a few of the leftover campers, and I went to Ramon's house. He had a sweet mini ramp in his backyard. I don't really skate ever, but the ramp was really fun.

Nat and I left Ramon's and headed into the city. We did some shopping and walking. I did a lot of picture taking.

I like the guys 3-d glasses.

The fat guy has a fork in his head.

Different style.

The colors in South America are brilliant.

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