Sunday, July 20, 2008


Coach Mario

Lunch time

I think this is a fun photo

Three days after storm

Loving it

I just got home from another epic day on the mountain. After riding none stop since I got here and not stretching enough, we decided not to hike and just shred the snow that is left in the resort. It's so crazy that three days after the storm half the resort is still untracked. I've only seen a little bit of the mountain (Catedral), but I'm getting really excited to see what else is out there.

Other than skiing, I've been keeping busy with Spanish classes in the evening, dancing, and drinking lots of Mate. We don't eat dinner here until around 10 and nothing is open during the siesta time in the's a bit of a different schedule. My campers are sick and picking up skiing in the powder quick for a bunch of kids from the East Coast. It's their first time in powder for some and their first time hiking for their turns, pretty amazing experiences for summer camp. SASS is pretty much the best way to learn big mountain, jump building, and culture for campers.

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looks like fun!! Dave Steiner kept telling me that there is absolutely no snow so it's great to see that he is wrong. How do you like the resort and the program? I can't wait to get down there and get into some tits deep snow cause right now I'm tits deep in my backyard jungle.